The services provided by the entity Acano 2005 Project Management is, in its first phase, to assist the client-developer or owner of a construction project, to define their true needs in project labor, and assist in choosing the best-suited professional teams so as to meet these needs.

With this service, Project Management takes control of each and every one of the phases and processes involved in implementing a major work project, and also encompasses the coordination of all members of the project, thereby saving time and money.

Our Project Management team will carry out the comprehensive management of a construction project, coordinating the different actors involved in the construction process to optimize resources and achieve the stated objectives of scope, time and cost, optimizing satisfaction of the expectations of the contracting entities.

We aim to optimize the existing relationship between Space, People, Process, taking full advantage of the resources and environment so as to better develop the company´s primary activity.

We manage the budget, the timetable, and the quality of implementation and we carry out the integrated management of operations until complete fulfillment of the project.

Our principal services can be broken down into:


Feasibilty Analysis

Asset Management

Integrated Project Management

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