ACANO 2005 Project Management, S.L., is a Spanish private equity firm which was constituted and began its activity in December 2005, dedicated entirely to Project Management, in the field of construction as a company independent of any other construction and supply company.

The constituting objectives of the Entity are in providing Integrated Project Management services in the following activities; General Consulting and Analysis of Real Estate Projects, Preliminary Projects, Basic projects and construction, Integrated Management of Projects and Works, Construction Management, Development Management, Project Monitoring, Due Diligence, Project Financing, Facilities Management. Management Contracting, Project & Construction Management.

Activities undertaken since the founding of the company include architectural and engineering technical services activities within the construction, real estate, and industrial sectors.

We carry out the activities unique to a company providing Project Management, defined as ” the planning, organization and control of all aspects of design, procurement, construction and post construction a project of the construction according to agreed criteria of cost, schedule and quality. “

We are an integrated real estate services company focused on our first stage of consolidation and expansion into the market for likely residential and touristic construction sectors, business constructions (corporate headquarters, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels and industrial), with particular commitment to meeting customers needs.

Today we divide our business into two large fields, always based within our sector, a flagship department of Project Management services and a department of product R & D  in which we apply all our knowledge to investigate and innovate in daily activities, providing our clients with new processes and software which enable them to improve performance in their activities.

The knowledge base of those who make up our company allows for the successful taking on and achievement of a high degree of specialization in Project Management jobs; providing clients with the resources and experience necessary to satisfactorily manage their investments, adapting to their requirements and optimizing the balance and the relation between quality-schedule-price, in a proven and effective way.

To this end, we use as an administration and managemen tool and technique, the human resources and the materials needed for the various activities, within a controlled process based on independence, assessment and technical consulting in the distinct fields of engineering and architecture.

Acano 2005 Project Management S. L.  has a central office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, currently dedicated to the Spanish market, with activity centered in the Canary Islands and Peninsula, and in the process of internalization so as to export our services and products.

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