The intervention of the Integrated Project Management in a Project is to act as an “Agent” of the property, in a significant way given that this indicates a distinct philosophy.

The main goal of all Project Management is the complete development of the real estate investment so that developer / client obtains their benefits and goals. This development is based on three stages, namely:

• Investment planning.

• Investment execution.

• Investment management.

It is for all of this that the investor needs the support of a team which allows them to maintain a global overview of their investments, providing them with information about the environment and helping in the planning, management, negotiation and coordination phases from a financial, technical and commercial viewpoint.

The contracting of companies specializing in Project Management for the management of projects is common practice in the United States and in the more advanced countries of the European Union, while in Spain it is little known and is growing at a slow pace. That is why increasingly, specialized companies are contracted which relieve the developer of the technical-economic tasks which arise in the course of a project such that they are managed according to the criteria and final decisions of the developer, while carrying out all specialized management and control work on said developer´s behalf.

Project Management services will make for a significant reduction in costs, since a team of professionals will carry out effective technical control from the drafting of the project, proper management of labor contracting, and long-term supervision and coordination of labor. This allows for constant oversight of costs and prevents the cost overruns which would otherwise inevitably present themselves.

As such, our clients, whether developers, individuals, or financial or government institutions, expect of us professional management based on knowledge and control, an understanding of the unique needs of each client and perfect control of all aspects of the project, from conception to completion. The flow of information is critical at all times the client should be kept abreast of risks assumed, time estimates, and cost expectations. The ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible product within the client´s initial requirements, while following strict quality parameters. Our strategy is to generate appropriate goals for each project and client.

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