The company Acano 2005 Project Management has established and implemented a management system for R&D+i based on the requirements of the UNE 166002:2006 “Management of R&D+i: System Requirements management of  R&D+i “as a strategic decision of the organization.

The management system is intended to encourage R&D+i in the organization as well as customer satisfaction, internal and external, as well as other stakeholders in Acano2005 through compliance with legal requirements and otherwise established. For this, the system aims to:

  • To provide guidelines for effectively organizing and managing R&D+i, by analyzing the internal and external technological situation and the identification and assessment of threats and opportunities of technological change
  • Ensure that no loss of activities likely to generate proprietary technologies and patents, through which you can get additional benefits.
  • Promote R&D+i as a differentiating factor of competitiveness and consider it as such in the schemes of corporate reputation.
  • Help plan, organize and control units for R&D+i, which results in a saving of resources and improved motivation and involvement of employees.
  • Awareness and motivation of the Acano 2005 on the importance of the introduction and development of a management system in R& D+i.
  • Keeping our system based on the standard UNE 166002.

This policy is reviewed annually.

Ensuring that all people who influence the development of R&D+i know the policy and objectives are achieved by diffusion, by the Head of R&D+i of the same, all levels of the organization and distribution of documents that apply to each level in the different jobs.

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